Boundaries and Ethics – A must!

Greetings and Happy Monday!
I’m very fortunate to have trained my new Boundaries training at a center last Friday. I was humbled to work with such a dedicated group of folks passionate about helping others. Despite their immeasurable passion they were experiencing serious struggles around boundary management. Caught between wanting to help so bad and not knowing what the CRSW Code of Ethics is lies enormous gray area, that even with the best of intentions can lead to unintended harm.

How many of you have read the CRSW Code of Ethics in the State of NH 500 Rules? Because when I go out into the field I see a lot of confusion and ethical boundary crossings and violations.

When you signed your application to become a CRSW, there’s one tiny little question reads, “Do you agree to abide by the ethical standards set forth in ALC 500? I’m guessing you checked off yes. Are you? Have you ever read them? How about your supervisors or managers, do they know what they read? Are you seeing potential boundary violations or unethical practices daily. How do you handle those? If you have not read the 500 rules, I strongly suggest you do that pronto, because if you are a CRSW you agreed to abide by them.

Working in the HUMAN SERVICE Field is a calling and an honor, not to be taking lightly. There are clear rules and guidelines that were established long before this day, These rules span decades, even centuries. Please learn your ethical principles and rules.
Please reach out to me, or the licensing board, if you have any questions.
If you want to make a difference in other people’s lives, your life has to be on track first.
Stay motivated and passionate.
Ginger Ross, CRSW
 Visit the CRSW link on this website to read the 500 rules and what you agreed to when you submitted your application for CRSW or LADC/MLADC.
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