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Hello Recovery Warriors,
I’ve been out and about over the past month and hearing about what’s happening in real time in the recovery community. I’ve heard so many amazing stories and I congratulate you for your hard work and dedication. I’ve also heard some not so positive stories about confidentiality breaches from one recovery coach, or CRSW to another, work place gossip and toxic environments. I’d like to pose a question to the community…Did you read your code of Ethics? 

The CRSW Code of Ethics is included in this FILE – ALC 400 & 500 Rules. These are the state licensing requirements for the CRSW license. To review the Code of Ethics, skip over to page 18 on this file. Every CRSW in this State signed and agree to adhere to them. Maybe you’re not yet a CRSW and an active Recovery Coach; you are not excluded from adhering to your Organization’s code of ethics.

I trained many of you out there, and we sat together and proclaimed we wanted to help others not go through what we went through. Maybe, what wasn’t expected was some accountability with the role of a recovery coach. That’s  understandable, however, not the case. We’ve joined the Human Service field, a helping field and one that improves the lives of many every day. Your passion and dedication is essential to help make the world a better place. To effectively do this, we must adhere to our Code of Ethics and organization accountability in order to effectively “do No Harm” which translates to “I want to help.”
If you know or see someone breaching organization and state licensing requirements there is an appropriate manner in which to navigate that. You can call the state licensing board at 603.271.6761, contact me, ask your supervisor or other manager, etc.

CCAR 3 Legged Recovery Coach Stool

Remember the 3 legged stool from your Recovery Coach Academy includes “Manage Your Stuff.”
Are you managing your stuff, or are you allowing your stuff to spread like cancer to others?
Keep up the passionate work.
Lives are at stake.

NEEDED Immediately – Job Opportunity!

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