The Opioid Epidemic Is Literally Changing Kids’ Brains

I am posting this article because it’s time early childhood teachers/educators and supposed advocates for children wake up to the fact that they themselves need to be more educated on the effects that parents who suffer from substance use have on their children’s lives!

See article Here. Please share if you feel passionately about this too.

Local Artist Shares his Recovery Story thru Music

I was recently contacted by an inspiring man who shares his journey of recovery through his music. I just listened to one of his songs and it was beautiful and inspiring. Please enjoy Scott Plante’s song;

If you love it, share it with your friends in and out of recovery.

Here is Scott’s facebook fan page;

New Initiative-FEDUP

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We are in the midst of the worst drug addiction epidemic in United States history.

The epidemic is having a catastrophic impact on families and communities and is placing tremendous strain on our health care system, businesses, and local and state governments.


The mission of The FED UP! Coalition is to create one voice calling for an end to the epidemic of addiction and overdose deaths attributed to opioids (including heroin) and other prescription drugs.

The FED UP! Coalition is working to find ways to:

  • Prevent our children, friends, and loved ones from becoming addicted to opioids
  • Ensure that people suffering from opioid addiction have access to affordable, evidence-based treatment
  • Support and enable recovery
  • Eliminate opioid overdose deaths.