CCAR Evaluation Instructions

Over the past year and a half, we have been utilizing a new certificate process for trainings provided through the Center for Addiction Recovery Training (CART) in order to streamline the process for our participants.  We have since, created a new website, where participants can view/search and/or print certificates.
Please take a look at the new procedure below so you can assist participants in your upcoming classes.  There is also a video for your convenience.
  • The link that you are provided when you register a class is the link participants will need to type into their browser window in order to access the link for your evaluation through survey monkey.
  • Participants needs to type in the entire link including the four digit
    Please note:  If they only type in or without the number they will get an error or be prompted to create an account on surveymonkey.  
  • The four numbers that are provided with the link are your class number.  Participants need to enter in the class number when they fill out the evaluation.
    • Always get a new link from CCAR  – please do not reuse a link from a past training – as they do expire.
    • After completing the evaluation, participants will be directed to this landing page.
    • They will be instructed that the process takes 2 hours from the completion of the evaluation to the generation of the certificate.
    • Participants will then be directed to the new website to print their certificate.
    Click here to watch a quick tutorial of the new evaluation and certificate process.
    Questions can always be directed to