HIV / AIDS Trainging

Just Announced:

HIV/AIDS for Recovery Support Workers; April 13th, 2018; Sponsored by Revive Recovery Resource Center; 8:30 – 4:00 PM. 6 CEs will be awarded. This training is pre approved by the NH Licensing Board.  Click HERE to register.


About this training:

Presentation: This one-day training is geared towards recovery support workers and recovery coaches; and will provide participants with basic and updated information about HIV/AIDS and other STDs.  This includes risk factors, modes of transmission, signs and symptoms, prevention, the relationship between HIV and other STDs. This training will explore the relationship between substance misuse and HIV/AIDs as well as the correlation between mental health and HIV/AIDS. Additionally, this training will increase the knowledge around the benefits of HIV testing.

Goals & Objectives, Participants will:

  • Increase knowledge level about HIV/AIDS sexual transmission
  • Increase knowledge level about HIV/AIDS prevention
  • Increase knowledge around signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDs
  • Demonstrate how to assess a client’s risk for acquiring HIV/AIDS
  • Explain the correlation between mental health and HIV/AIDS
  • Increase ability to discuss the inter-relationship of HIV and other STDs
  • Increase knowledge around relationship between HIV/AIDS and Substance Users
  • Explain the process and benefits of HIV testing
  • Increase knowledge around Hep C and Substance Users

About the Presenter: Ginger Ross has attended four HIV/AIDs & Hep C trainings in the past six months. She has consulted with DHHS/Infectious Disease to provide a valuable, accurate, informative HIV/AIDs training to Recovery Support Workers. She is a Certified Level I trainer for NAMI NH with the Connect Suicide Prevention Training. Additionally, she is a Trained Recovery Coach Academy Trainer and has co-facilitated twelve Recovery Coach Academies, CCAR Model, in the past twelve months. Virginia is also a Trainer of Ethical Considerations for Recovery Support Workers, the CCAR model. She sits on the Governor’s Recovery Task Force Commission and is a person in long term recovery. In April, 2017, she will receive her Bachelor Degree in Psychology from SNHU. She is an excellent trainer and facilitation and has a passion to help others helping those in recovery.