Dear Ginger,

You blew onto our Island like a tornado and left behind a trail of hope and possibility in your wake … how lucky we all were to be there with you. As I said in class, I don’t think they could have sent anyone better to us to carry that message. How you managed, every day, to fulfill all the Course requirements, let us process the information and contribute and question what we needed to and STILL finish on time was remarkable and so exciting.

I can never thank you enough for learning to see so many things in a new way and hopefully be able to help and carry this hope and help to others who struggle the way I did. Let me always remember the depths of that despair.

You were a Magician, a power of example and a Force to be reckoned with….I am blessed that we are on the same team! Looking forward to Oct. 27/28 and doing it all again. Oh what a group we were!!