This is awesome – information is power, indeed. Thanks Ginger. 🙂 Also, I wanted to thank you for your guidance and time you gave at the Ethic’s class this week. I have learned so much during the training that help open my eyes; I can’t wait for your upcoming classes.


Thanks, for your time and insight, on ethics….I really enjoy the way you and Elizabeth, teach.


Congratulations Recovery Coach Academy Class of 2017.! I was blessed to meet all of you. I learned a lot from each of you and for that I am grateful. As we continue with our different journeys remember to take care of you by refueling along the way. To Nelson and Ginger good job! The graduation […]


Thank you Ginger! I just did it! I really enjoyed your class and you did a great job.


I just wanted to send a quick thank you. The RCA course came at a time when I had just switched over to my new job and unsure if it was a good fit for me but the class taught me how to talk to people in a way I was blind to and also […]


You’re not only a great instructor but you’re #1 in the follow ups too! I wish you were teaching all the courses.