This is awesome – information is power, indeed. Thanks Ginger. 🙂 Also, I wanted to thank you for your guidance and time you gave at the Ethic’s class this week. I have learned so much during the training that help open my eyes; I can’t wait for your upcoming classes.


Thanks, for your time and insight, on ethics….I really enjoy the way you and Elizabeth, teach.


Congratulations Recovery Coach Academy Class of 2017.! I was blessed to meet all of you. I learned a lot from each of you and for that I am grateful. As we continue with our different journeys remember to take care of you by refueling along the way. To Nelson and Ginger good job! The graduation […]


Thank you Ginger! I just did it! I really enjoyed your class and you did a great job.


I just wanted to send a quick thank you. The RCA course came at a time when I had just switched over to my new job and unsure if it was a good fit for me but the class taught me how to talk to people in a way I was blind to and also […]


You’re not only a great instructor but you’re #1 in the follow ups too! I wish you were teaching all the courses.


Hey Ginger! Hope you’re doing well. 🙂 So guess what, after our training ended, it wasn’t even 5:00 yet, I got a phone call from a friend of mine who had relapsed and was about to check in to a mental hospital. I was basically applying all my new skills immediately. I was worried about […]


Hope you had a lovely trip back home! Thank you thank you for such an incredible training…I can’t say enough about how powerful and transformative I found the experience to be. You’re a fantastic trainer and I’m so grateful to have been able to spend time learning from you and the rest of the group. […]

Alex, Sept. 2017

Hi Ginger! Just wanted to say thanks for all you do! As it is in the training, your expediency and professionalism in the follow up is both appreciated and admired. Regards


Dear Ginger, You blew onto our Island like a tornado and left behind a trail of hope and possibility in your wake … how lucky we all were to be there with you. As I said in class, I don’t think they could have sent anyone better to us to carry that message. How you […]


Good Afternoon Ladies,   I needed to share………   I’ve known since we met you are both amazing!  AMAZING!!!!!!!!     What brings me incredible joy and satisfaction is when a person new in recovery walks in with a gleam in his eye and excitement on this weekend’s RCA training.     You both make a difference every day. […]